Uhm… Hi everybody!

About the Comic.. and site?,

The site is intended for fun only, the comic is mainly based on puns, and just jokes I make up along the way (whaat? surprise!). I know the graphics are not mindblowing, but I didn’t intend to make so either.
I think I made this site (orginally a friend made it), because I’m not into all of that “stand on a scene/stage”-thingy, so, instead, this is my stage.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it, cause I enjoy making it.. a lot!
Occasionally though, I’ll advance a bit in the graphical element, “With a little help from my friends”. You can look forward to that if the simple stuff hurts your eyes too much.

Thanks to
Html-kit.com/favicon – favicon creator tool
http://php.net/ – php reference bible

Special Thanks to

Esben Sorig, for the original website back in the late summer 2009
Aske Yyerbskh, for never standing down on commenting on a comic, and occasionally guest drawing/joking on the site

About me..

uh.. I’m a guy, currently 23 and studying math and computers,

I’m a very creative person, and I’m almost never bored, probably because of the amazing level of interesstingness
in my various projects, or because I’m always making something, be it pictures, music, games or other computer related things.. like.. playing computer?

I own a Mac Book Pro, on which this is created and the comics are drawn on my beloved Wacom Bamboo “Pen and Touch”.

Please let me know if you like my comic, or would like to point out the various flaws in me thinking it’s funny, on info(at)ohmyunix.com,

Looking forward to be hearing from you!

And last but not least, if this has not come to you before, at the moment, the OhMyUnix team, consists of only one person, this tend to confuse people.. which is, of course, utterly intended.

The OhMyUnix Team

Go to www.OhMyUnix.com or Paraguay ?